Modern Polygraph is a full service truth finding agency.

We are available to meet clients off site throughout Northern California, or at our two professional office locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento.

We provide a truly objective, disinterested third-party service to individuals and members of the legal profession who seek reliable answers to the basic question: What is the truth? Is a person lying? Are they telling the truth?

In fact, “truth detection” is a better description of what we do than “lie detection”, because we uncover the truth, whether that is to confirm a person’s story or discover a person who is lying.

Truth-seeking in the 21st Century

Lie detection has entered the 21st Century with a wealth of new tools and techniques to improve the effectiveness with which we work with our clients and subjects. Modern Polygraph is fully equipped and well trained on all the latest technologies available.

Use us whenever you need to find out or confirm the facts where conflicting versions of events exist.


Mr. DiPaola is highly professional and was able to put my client at ease before administering the examination. Based on my experience with his service, I would recommend Mr. DiPaola to my colleagues.

Adam Richards

Modern Polygraph

For all of your computerized lie detection needs through the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento and Northern California, contact Modern Polygraph.