Selecting an Examiner

IntegrityThe results of a polygraph test can have significant effects on peoples lives. Ask these questions before selecting a Polygraph Examiner:

1. Do you use Analog or a computerized Polygraph?

Answer: Computerized Polygraph instruments are the most modern and best technology for lie-detection. Old analog polygraph instruments are obsolete. In fact you can pick them up on eBay for a few hundred dollars. Modern Polygraph uses a $7000 Limestone Computerized Polygraph. The computerized polygraph instruments have a more sophisticated scoring algorithm which means there is significantly less chance for mistakes to be made. The old analog polygraph instruments leave all of the scoring up to the examiner who decides weather the examinee passes or fails. Do not have a lie detector test done with an old analog poly graph instrument. Make sure to ask if they use a computerized polygraph instrument. Computerized Polygraphs have very sophisticated software. This software is used to score the exams. There is no substitute for this polygraph technology.

2. Do you have an office location?

Answer: Modern Polygraph has two office locations. We have a polygraph suite in the San Francisco Bay area and we have another in Sacramento. We also have a mobile unit that can conduct exams anywhere in Northern California. Many examiners don’t do enough business to have a computerized polygraph instrument or an office. Therefore, they insist on doing it at your home. These so-called polygraph examiners don’t have the proper professional tools or the experience either.

3. How do you present your results?

Answer: Modern Polygraph provides the same two page written report for all cases. Some Polygraph examiners will charge extra for a written report. Weather we are conducting a polygraph examination for the legal community or just a member of the community, we provide the same professional polygraph report.

4. Are you insured?

Modern Polygraph has $1,000,000 of liability insurance. This policy also includes Errors and Omissions insurance. Any business or employer can be fined $10,000 per occurrence for using a polygraph examiner that does not have this necessary insurance. Do not do business with any polygraph examiner that can not produce proof of insurance. This is a Federal Law.

5. Will the polygraph examiner let a spouse witness the examination?

Modern Polygraph has polygraph suites set up just for lie-detection. That is they are designed to administer polygraph examinations that can be witnessed without jeopardizing the integrity of the process with distractions. Polygraph examiners are often offered bribes or additional information when left alone with the examinees. Do not allow for a polygraph test to be conducted that can’t be witnessed. If the polygraph examiner is telling you it is against the proper polygraph protocol to have it witnessed, it is because he does not have the proper polygraph facility.

6. What is the polygraph examiners availability?

Modern Polygraph can accommodate lie-detection requests 24/7. Some polygraph examiners can only schedule around their real jobs because lie-detection is a hobby. Don’t have a polygraph test done by someone that does not have an office a website, insurance or flexibility is scheduling. Chances are they are not a professional polygraph examiner.

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Mr. DiPaola is highly professional and was able to put my client at ease before administering the examination. Based on my experience with his service, I would recommend Mr. DiPaola to my colleagues.

Adam Richards

Modern Polygraph

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