CriminalModern Polygraph has assisted lawyers with their clients by helping present a case to the district attorney. In many instances we have helped to get criminal charges dismissed by providing the results of a lie detector test.

Very often, there is only marginal evidence against a suspect. In these instances, the results of a polygraph examination can be very helpful. Modern Polygraph has provided lie detection services in criminal matters for a variety of criminal situations.

We have been requested to conduct lie detector tests for convicted murders at San Quentin State Prison. We have also been retained to provide polygraph services for minor vandalism allegedly committed by a juvenile.

We do lie detector tests for just about every criminal situation in between these extremes, including, but not limited to: robbery, bribery, fraud, conspiracy, larceny, malice, narcotics, and rape.

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Mr. DiPaola is highly professional and was able to put my client at ease before administering the examination. Based on my experience with his service, I would recommend Mr. DiPaola to my colleagues.

Adam Richards

Modern Polygraph

For all of your computerized lie detection needs through the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento and Northern California, contact Modern Polygraph.