InfidelityPolygraph testing is a very effective way to detect lies in relationships. For example, there is often no other evidence to prove adultery. Modern Polygraph contracts with men and woman to conduct lie detector tests in order to prove faithfulness or infidelity. Polygraph testing can be a very cost-effective alternative to hiring a private investigator in these situations.

The proliferation of internet dating has also created a new demand for lie detector testing in relationships. Modern Polygraph has helped many people get out of relationships that were built on lies and misrepresentations. Besides testing for faithfulness, Modern Polygraph has been used to verify many other facts that tend to be embellished or completely fabricated by people. The internet has added a new vulnerability to relationships for obvious reasons and Modern Polygraph has helped out by doing the fact-checking.

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Mr. DiPaola is highly professional and was able to put my client at ease before administering the examination. Based on my experience with his service, I would recommend Mr. DiPaola to my colleagues.

Adam Richards

Modern Polygraph

For all of your computerized lie detection needs through the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento and Northern California, contact Modern Polygraph.